Sunday, February 12

Is There A Difference Between Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

Yes! There most certainly is! Wrinkles start in the dermis. Dermal damage leads to collagen & elastin breakdown. This is the fundamental cause of wrinkling. Fine lines are damage in the epidermis that impairs renewal and skin barrier function. This increases water loss, causing fine lines and makes wrinkles more apparent.

Sun damage is the main cause for both fine lines and wrinkes. In young prtected skin collagen fibres are organised, conversely in sun damaged skin, they are shortened, thinned, disorganised and fibroblasts are surrounded by debris. Damaged and unorganised skin has decreased resistance to stretching. Empty spaces and loose connective tissue result causing visible sagging and wrinkling. Wrinkles are the result of increased rigidity coupled with deep dermal stretching. The dermal structure weakens with age and overlying fragile skin sags, causing wrinkles.

Unfortunately you cannot erase them without surgery or needles. However a good skin care regime that promotes collagen, elastin, skin barrier repair, exfoliation, hydration and protection is the key.

Look out for products that contain active ingredients such as -
Peptides - Stimulate collagen
Antioxidants - Protect against free radicle damage and collage degradation.
Sodium Hyaluronate - Binds moisture to the skin.
Exfoliants - Physical or chemical (Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids) Maintain cell turnover.


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